Our History

In 2014 the Mr. Ernest Ehabe (President of CADAC, a local NGO) and his wife noticed their two-year-old son, AJ (Asher-Josiah) was regressing. He became quiet and withdrawn, wouldn’t make eye contact or play with his siblings. Specialists in the USA recommended that he undergo speech and ABA therapy.

In Cameroon they discovered such services are practically nonexistent. Relocating to another country to find help and support seemed to be their only option, but they had mixed feelings about such a move. They were referred to a school in Douala that offered some limited services but quickly realized they could not afford the $1,000+ per mo. tuition (in a country where the minimum wage is $65 per month and the average total income is $500 per month).

Looking for other creative ways to help their son, in February 2016 they painted a room in their Denver, Bonamousadi home to use in providing specialized tutoring for him. A few weeks later, 3 other needy autistic children joined their son in the little schoolroom and took over the family living room.

In July/August, 2016, a large home near them became available. They required one years rent in advance but they took a step of faith and in September moved the school into it with an initial 15 children and teaching staff of seven.

From this humble beginning ROHA has grown into a full-fledged inclusive nursery and primary school, authorized by the Cameroonian government in November 2016.

About the Ehabe’s

Ernest Ehabe wears many hats (an Ordained Minister, an Inspirational Speaker & a Social Entrepreneur). Ernest is the Founder of two NGOs and serves as President & Chief Innovation Officer of Bread For Life International and CADAC. Ernest did his undergraduate and graduate studies in the USA as well as at CERIS (University of Paris 11) in Brussels. He is presently enrolled in a PhD in Integrated Rural Development at the University of Dschang in Cameroon. His vision is to see Africa and Africans become spiritually, socially and economically vibrant.

His wife Elizabeth has served with the Cameroon government as a Translator/Interpreter and at the US Embassy in Yaoundé in project management. She now heads Orange Foundation–Cameroon.